Aphids are a threat to many different varieties of trees trees including Beeches, Spruces, Hemlocks, and Tulip Poplars. Aphids can feed on nearly any part of a tree as well, according to its species. Their main targets are usually sticks, twigs, branches, flowers, fruit, foliage and roots.

The following are the warning signs that you’ll need Aphid Control:

  • Plant growth is inhibited
  • Foliage is either distorted, curling, yellowing, or wilting
  • Honeydew, which is a sticky residue that promotes growth of black mold. In addition, honeydew attracts flies, hornets, ants, and yellow jackets. It can also ruin the finish on objects made of metal that happen to be located under infested plants.

There are other symptoms that often mimic Aphids.  Before we begin treatment, your Treemendous Inc. Arborist will be sure to make a thorough evaluation and confirm that Aphids are the issue.

There are a number of measures Treemendous can implement to control the problem. These include pruning, watering, and fertilizing. In addition, the introduction of other, beneficial insects can also play a key role in aphid control. Chemical control may be needed to handle severe infestations.

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