Fall Webworm

The Wilmington area finds the Fall Webworm on tips of branches in late summer to early fall. From inside these webs which are built at the ends of your trees, they can defoliate trees by feeding on them.

Normally, the Fall Webworm finds sustenance from deciduous trees, including Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Birch, and Crabapple. Through repeated attacks throughout the late season, they eat leaves and reproduce while defoliating the beloved trees on your property. While not as serious a threat unless infestation is out of control, they will still damage the appeal of your trees regardless. Tree Pruning and treatment can be used as control measures to ensure the Fall Webworm is not a threat.

Freshly planted crops and trees are at a higher risk for heavy feeding and defoliation from these pests. If the infestation reaches a point where it needs to be managed, Treemendous Tree is here to destroy or prune out any threats before they become a danger to your trees. Insecticides can also be used to spray young caterpillars during their feeding process.

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