Japanese Beetles

Don’t let a beetle infestation get the better of your yard!

In the early stages of summer, Japanese Beetles can emerge in swarms. After they invade, these unsightly, bothersome, and harmful pests will destroy your vegetation until autumn. Their preferred plants include include birch, flowering crabapple, roses, flowering cherry, and linden.  Injured leaf tissue assumes an appearance akin to skeletonization due to Japanese Beetles feeding between the veins of the leaf.

In order to successfully control a Japanese Beetle infestation, it’s important to apply treatment immediately after they first appear. If you’ve had any issues regarding these pests or any problems since the summer, please call Treemendous Tree Care immediately to schedule an inspection with a professional.  Your high risk vegetation will be inspected and  put you on our Beetle Treatment schedule if necessary.  We will be able to treat your property at the first sign of an outbreak.

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