Leaf Miners

With its prodigious appetite, the Leaf Miner can damage your foliage and ravage your trees.  The Birch, Holly and Boxwood are these pests’ favorite hosts. Leaf miner damage is unattractive and can cause serious damage to your plants if left untreated. Taking the necessary steps to rid plants of leaf miners will make them look better and will also dramatically improve their overall health going forward.

A telltale sign of a leaf miner infestation are yellow or brown raised patches on the leaves.  The best prevention, however, is simply keeping the plant healthy. Let’s take a look at identifying leaf miners and how to kill leaf miners.

Identifying Leaf Miners

While there are many species of leaf miners, their looks and behavior is similar for the most part. They tend to resemble nondescript black flies. The flies themselves don’t cause damage to the plant directly; instead, it is the larval offspring of these flies which cause issues with the plant’s health. More often than not, this pest is recognized by its inflicted damage. It consistently shows as yellow wavy lines within the leaves. This is where the larva have bored their way through the leaf, literally. Damage from leaf miners can also appear as spots, patches or blotches.

Your Treemendous Arborist will ensure your high risk plants are monitored for Leaf Miners, as well as develop a treatment plan if the pest is present.  During the visit, a tree service inspection of your property will also be completed to ensure your trees are safe, healthy and attractive.

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