Nutsedge Weeds

Prevent this invasive nuisance from overtaking your yard

Nutsedge is like an unstoppable force when it comes to your yard.  All season long, it spreads seeds and runners which can easily overtake thinner lawns and bare areas.  Even more, the nutlet produced at the base of the plant can remain in the soil and propagate for up to 10 years.

In order to control the spread of Nutsedge weeds, the first step is to have your lawn evaluated by your Treemendous Tree Care expert. We’ll provide the best treatment options in order to prevent or control any nutsedge growth.

A healthy and robust lawn is easily the most effective defense against an invasion of Nutsedge. Treemendous’s extensive lawn program enriches your lawn’s density while safely using well timed treatments to control weed infestations along with consistent fertilization.  Seeding, core aeration, and topdressing will further help build lawn thickness when combined with an appropriate blend of seeds. The use of herbicide may be reduced as the lawn grows and thickens.

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