Soil Application

Your yard is only as good as your soil!

The natural pH of the soil in our region is typically acidic. High levels of acid mean your yard won’t absorb fertilizer and nutrients effectively. For this reason, we recommend an application of Lime every year.

Why is it important for soil to have balanced balanced levels? Simply put, it’s the only way your lawn can get access to the full benefits of the fertilizer and nutrients that we apply. Since most soil in the Wilmington area is generally acidic, lime needs to be applied to ensure your soil’s pH levels are in balance. For soils that are highly basic, an application of Elemental Sulfur is required to increase acidity. However, this soil composition is rare for this area.

If your lawn’s pH issue is not fixed, your yard’s health and appeal will decline, opening the door for further problems such as bare spots and weeds. Treemendous Tree Care will adjust your soil’s pH with the appropriate applications, after your specialist makes the proper determinations.

Treemendous Tree Care offers a free pH test annually for our lawncare customers. Your representative will gauge your lawn’s pH levels by testing it with a professional meter. Depending on the results, an annual Lime or sulfur application may be suggested.

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