Tick Control is necessary to protect your family and pets from these blood sucking pests.

They burrow under the skin and can cause serious harm.  Besides the bad rash and pain of removing the tick, these nasty creatures spread Lyme Disease and other serious illnesses, such as the deadly Powassan Virus.

Best Ways to Control Ticks in Your Yard

Treemendous Tree’s Tick Control program hones in on ticks where they reside. Deer Ticks enjoy the shade and seek protection from the sun in ground level vegetation. Their preferred hiding spots include underbrush, shrubs, high grasses and wooded areas. See how Treemendous goes the extra mile to control this dangerous pest:

A Treemendous Arborist will first undertake a risk assessment of your property in order to identify danger zones and come up with a customized tick control program.

Treemendous Tree employees are specially licensed to apply treatment around the perimeter of your property and other risky areas. Treemendous offers two basic treatment plans:

  • Organic: Our unique 100% Organic formula handles the job with necessary oils like peppermint and cedar oils. These are natural repellents and are safe for children, pets and pollinating insects like bees and butterflies.
  • Traditional: A highly effective plan, as our insecticide treatments have the staying power to control ticks and nymphs.  Once the treatment has dried, areas are safe for people and pets.

Ticks love the shade and cannot live in the sun. Treemendous Tree Service can remove shady tick habitats in two different ways. The first move is to clean up and/or clear overgrown areas. Second, pruning shrubs and tree branches near the lawn’s outer edge will let in more sunlight.

Deer are easily the most significant carrier of ticks to your property. Our Deer Repellent service is safe, resistant to water and will prevent deer from entering your property for the purpose of consuming valuable plants!

We will conclude which plants are the primary beacons for deer entering your yard and suggest alternatives.

Treemendous Tree Care is the answer to all of your Tree Service needs!

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