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Why Choose Treemendous?

Many homeowners overlook the care of their trees when attempting to increase the home’s value. In reality, tree services are usually a cheap and simple way, not just to improve the property’s appearance, but also its value.

People in the real estate business know that a sizable, healthy tree that provides lots of shade is a large selling point for any house. In fact, studies have shown that a tree with a substantial canopy growing within 100 feet of other homes could add thousands of dollars to the sale price. Routine maintenance services like trimming, pruning and shaping are definitely key to protecting these beneficial assets.

Treemendous Tree Care is here if you want to remove a tree that’s become an unsightly eyesore, eliminate a stump from your yard, or you’re just looking to create more space for your next yard project. We provide the best tree services at low-cost prices. Contact us now for a free estimate!


    About Us

    Treemendous Tree Care is comprised of a highly educated and experienced team and have been in business for the past fifteen years.

    Our mission is twofold: to provide the highest quality tree work to our customers, while also positively impacting our community and peers.

    Our clients want the best in quality and safety when it comes to tree care and tree removals. Customers count on our dependability, our integrity, and our professionalism. We take great pride in our accomplishments and build on them every day.

    We are a full service tree removal and maintenance company who’s committed to fulfilling all your tree care or tree removal needs. We’ve been in business for over fifteen years which helps us develop and deliver custom solutions for the trees on your property.

    We take pride in providing customers satisfaction that is second-to-none. Our team of professionals is fully licensed, insured, bonded and well trained to provide you with consistent and high-quality value and services.