Storm Damage

Storms bring heavy rains, high winds and lightning that can cause severe damage to branches, as well as break and uproot trees. Trees located in backyards and community parks have the harshest growing conditions, but they also hold the highest value.

Here are some tips to follow after the storm to minimize the damage to your property or community space:

  • Assess the potential damage. 
    • Does the tree look healthy? If so more than likely it can be saved
    • Have any major tree limbs been damaged or lost? If so the tree is more susceptible to damage from pests as well as stunted growth. 
    •  If half of the branches have been destroyed the tree may need to be removed.
    • Check the severity of bark damage as this may lead to slow healing and leave the tree prone to predators.
  • Once you have assessed the tree damage it’s important to decide which can be salvaged and which need to be removed. It’s also important to first try to use first aid. Don’t rush to remove trees that have damage if it’s not severe.   
    • Check the tree thoroughly and safely! Be careful not to stand under branches that may fall. Also, be sure to watch out for power lines. Avoid any damaged branches that are touching power lines as they can cause serious personal injury or death.
    • Make sure to get in touch with a tree professional if damaged branches are more than 4 inches in diameter. Again, these can be cause serious injury and should be handled by a professional.
    • Remove any small, damaged branches that as a homeowner you’re comfortable removing yourself. If you suspect large branches need removal contact a professional.
    • Avoid tree topping. This is the cutting of a main branch to a stub. This practice may seem necessary, but it can also remove the majority of the trees branches preventing the tree from producing food to aid its recovery.
    • Make sure to prune your tree regularly to prevent future problems

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