The Spotted Lanternfly is an extremely destructive pest.

Even worse, it spreads its infestation at a rapid pace, meaning there’s a lot at risk involved with them. When the spotted lanternfly is present, Delaware’s orchards, vineyards and nurseries are in grave danger. In addition (and most importantly to you) they threaten the very trees that make up your yard.

Why are Spotted Lanternflies so Dangerous?

Spotted Lanternflies breed quickly, attack trees in large swarms, and have a prodigious appetite.

Controlling spotted lanternflies is made even more difficult when there aren’t any natural predators around to fend them off. This is due to the fact that spotted lanternflies aren’t native to our area and were brought here from China accidentally.

Spotted Lanternflies damage more than just the trees in your yard. When they feed, their droppings attract stinging wasps due to its sticky and sour nature.

The Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus) is the most preferred host tree of the Spotted Lanternfly, however they are not the only ones in danger. Some other high-risk trees include: Oak, Poplar, Walnut, Sycamore, Birch, Apple, Willow, Ash, Linden and Maple.

How We Control a Spotted Lanternfly Infestation

  • Target Relevant Trees: Since the Spotted Lanternfly feeds on an incredibly diverse variety of trees, we recommend protecting only trees considered “high-risk” which would be the most valuable to your landscape.
  • Treatment and Timing: In the adult stage, which lasts from July through November, the lanternfly is vulnerable to chemical treatment. Treemendous uses both Dinotefuran and Bifenthrin, as they have yielded the best results according to research control groups. Both treatments kill on contact and have staying power.
  • Recommend Number of Treatments: The exact amount of treatments depends on when exactly both the Adults emerge and when the first chemical application is complete. For the best results, a systemic treatment is recommended in July which is typically the onset of the adult stage. After that, a systemic or contact treatment is required again in the Fall. This allows us to target adult Spotted Lanternflies when they are at their most intense and difficult to control.

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