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    Treemendous Tree Care is the answer to all of your Tree Service needs!

    Highly trained arborists available to handle any emergency

    Treemendous Tree is your expert when it comes to tree cabling!

    By lessening the strain on weak branches and limbs, tree cables prevent splitting and causing damage or even complete tree failure. They’re like a safety net for trees. For trunks that have cracked, the use of a through bolt will help to keep the trunk from further splitting apart.

    Your Treemendous Tree arborist will recommend the optimal tree cabling system for the size limbs in question, to ensure the system is installed at the proper angle, tension and height. The final result is a tree cabling system that will help ensure the safety of your property and that your tree stands up to any storms in any season.

    Why choose Treemendous Tree Care for your Tree Cabling?

    • Professional Cabling Experts
    • Proper site inspection to determine if tree cabling is required
    • Free estimates
    • Annual check-up visits to ensure your tree cables are functioning properly *Upon Request
    • Seasonal Tree Care Included
    • Fully Insured for both our employees and your property

    Call 302-353-0574 now to talk with an expert about cabling your trees safely and effectively.

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    About Us

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    Mission Statement

    Our mission here at Treemendous Tree Care is twofold; to provide the highest quality tree work to our customers, while also positively impacting our community and peers. Our team approach toward these objectives are exemplified in our strict adherence to A300 pruning standards, following of ANSI and OSHA safe working practices, leaving properties as clean if not cleaner than when we first arrived, the courteous and polite conduct of all our team members, teaching classes at ISA sponsored events, volunteerism in community events, and through our charitable donations. These principles shape our company into the future, while our history points to who we are today.

    Treemendous Tree Care is comprised of a highly educated and experienced team. Our staff has graduates of the Penn State Forestry and Penn College Forestry programs, ISA certified Arborists, Internationally renown competition climbers, extensive work experience at Penn State University and Longwood Gardens, EHAP and First Aid training, extensive aerial rescue training and experience, business and marketing majors, and we have been in business within the tri-state area for the last 15 years. Not only have we provided the highest quality tree work to our residential customers during this time, but we have also served as a resource to fellow tree care companies throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. We have assisted with and conducted several tree-climbing classes, taught at local seminars, held free kids climbs at community events, and have routinely provided sub-contract climbing services to several major companies throughout the region. This experience and education has helped define Treemendous Tree Care as who we are today, and serves us as a reminder for the future; of our mission to our customers, community and peers.

    We strive in every aspect to be an example of professionalism, politeness, and generosity. We practice positively impacting our customer’s environment, creating healthier landscapes, building long lasting friendships and educationally enriching ourselves and those we work with. Please feel free to contact us anytime. We look forward to working with you and your trees!

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    We are committed to providing excellent service when it comes to helping our customers! Treemendous Tree Care will go above and beyond to ensure that you, the client, is pleased with the job.

    If you have any tree service issue, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our highly skilled team of specialists.



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