Tree Services

At Treemendous Tree Care, we offer plenty of services to ensure your yard is as clean as possible from dead or unappealing trees. Click on any of the below services for more information.

Tree Removal

If you’re concerned about a dead or unsafe tree on your property, you need to take action immediately. Treemendous Tree Care specializes in safely removing any tree at the lowest rate.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is a high priority issue for homeowners who are concerned with not only safety, but keeping their landscape well groomed and appealing. Besides an improvement in your yards shape and health, properly pruned trees are less likely to be damaged in a storm as well.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the quickest and most ecologically sound way to remove a stump. It is definitely the green way to proceed as the ground material can be recycled into compost. Whatever the reason, we have the tools to meet your stump grinding needs.

Crane Services

Besides the chainsaw, Cranes are hands down the best piece of equipment used in our field today. Used by tree removal services for decades, but have only increased in popularity over the past 20 years. However, it’s still not very common for a tree service to own a crane. Treemendous Tree Care is proud to operate our own cranes.

Tree Analysis

We can determine the type of service needed to maintain or improve the strength, looks, and safety of trees. Call us now to get an efficient and effective analysis of the trees on your property.

Debris Removal

Treemendous Tree Care will handle all of your debris removal needs, whether it’s due to an existing job or from an unexpected storm. Be sure to give us a call to ensure you get the most efficient and effective debris removal services available.

Tree Cabling

By lessening the strain on weak branches and limbs, tree cables prevent splitting and causing damage or even complete tree failure.

Lightning Protection

Not only do lightning strikes pose a risk to trees, but they also threaten adjacent structures as well.

Holiday Light Installation

Take advantage of our Holiday Light Installation specials now!