The Advantage of Working With A Professional Tree Removal Business

It seems every year there is a new person that buys a chainsaw and a truck, calls himself a tree service, then starts wreaking havoc on tree jobs in the area, leaving customers frustrated and burned. It’s a problem we hear about often when called by new customers to correct or rectify the problems left by these companies. Because any body can call themselves a tree company, it’s getting harder and harder for the consumer to work with a reputable tree service provider.


No doubt there are a lot of  tree service companies out there who will promise one thing but do another. They’ll cut trees wrong and do more damage to the property than good but they’ll never have a problem taking your money. The only concern they have is getting paid at the end of the day, not the quality of the work or the safety of your property or family. Unfortunately, their shady practices, under-bidding and low-balling is hurting the industry and legitimate certified tree service companies.

Though there is not just one certification that lets homeowners know a tree service is better than the next one, it is easy enough to find the tree companies that invest in training and certification in order to serve the customer better. As a professional tree removal business we’ve invested the time and money in safety training and industry certifications in order to serve all of our customers better. And the results show. When Treemendous Tree Inc. shows up at your residence you can expect quality, dependable and professional services always.

Professional tree removal service

We have safe reliable equipment which is maintained on a daily basis, which allows us to complete every job efficiently, on-time and safely. No break-downs, no running to get extra parts, the job is done on time as promised. Our professional and uniformed personnel will take the time to answer any questions or concerns about the job that day so don’t hesitate to ask. When you call Treemendous tree, you’ll talk to a professional if by chance you call on off hours, that’s okay, we’ll respond in a timely manner. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded.

When you’re searching for a tree service company, be sure to ask if they are fully insured or invested the time and money in safety training? At Treemendous we are fully insured, licensed and bonded and we care about providing value to our customers and want to service them for years to come.

As a professional tree removal business we’ve worked hard to position ourselves industry experts and a leader in the field in the area of tree care and tree removal. We know that the more training and credentials we have under our belt means we’ll be able to serve our customers better while providing them the best price. Like our mission statement states: our mission is twofold: to provide the highest quality tree work to our customers, while also positively impacting our community and peers.

When you need a tree company to handle any size job, know that you can count on us. We’ll handle the job with quality results while safe guarding your property and family.

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  1. I like your advice to find a tree removal service who invests in training and certifications for their employees. My husband and I are having trouble with a diseased tree in our yard, so we are wondering how to find the best company to help us remove it. We’ll be sure to start our search by looking at trained and certified companies.

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